In 2010, world saw computing take different shape with the launch of first tablet. It received tremendous positive response and several companies started working on tablets to meet consumer needs. However most companies were focused on consumers from North America and Europe.

In late 2010, ICE  group company, ICE X Accessories (formerly Advet Advisory) started consulting business houses on Android based tablets and realized that Indian requirements were very different from those of consumers from North America and Europe. The company then started to work with Android solution companies and key manufacturers to develop tablets customized to meet Indian requirements.

In 2011, ICE X Electronics was launched as a separate company for full scale development of android devices and company started to focus on design, development and technological innovations alongside product customization. ICE started with core focus on B2B sales and it started selling to direct businesses as well as companies that started selling tablets in their own brands to end retail customers. This became the most significant part of ICE  business, where it started providing all services to various other brands. Services included product design and development, software customizations, and even included logistics, and after-sales service contracts. So, ICE was doing everything for products and the other companies were focusing on sales and marketing.

In 2013, ICE decided to remove inefficiency from the entire supply chain due to involvement of multiple agents, and started selling directly to customers through direct to retail network. The company shifted focus to end-users and disengaged from other brand businesses to better control quality.

Company launched revolutionary door-step service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and convenience and besides, worked on most advanced technologies, while improving quality of devices overall. The company further made sales channels more efficient and this led to evolution of current business model, where company sells much superior specs, and higher quality products with exclusive technological innovations and still keeps the prices very competitive.